World War Z reviewed by George

What a ride! Much scarier than The Walking Dead, with great CGI effects and a really tense, nerve-scratching camera technique. The 3D is used mostly for shocks, seems a little wasted overall. But the real negative is how the movie crashes to a halt after the sequence aboard a commercial jetliner. Sure, we have to have those explanations of causes, and the hero’s synthesis of ideas about ways to defeat the virus, and there IS a harrowing set-piece within the research institute, but the slowdown is super-detrimental to the pacing. Plus, something happens on the jetliner that is straight out of Walking Dead, and the ending is punchless. Still, with these objections noted, as a zombie movie I think WW Z delivers. Do I seem torn? Yes, I am. But I won’t forget the shots of swarms of zombies running and climbing and grabbing and biting in my lifetime. Those are the equivalent of the Ben-Hur chariot race, the Phantom’s unveiling (Claude Rains in 1943, not anyone else), and Charlton Heston’s discovery on the beach at the end of Planet of the Apes: the legacy of World War Z.

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