Epic reviewed by Anita

Wonderful! I am always on edge about 3D; sadly, many movies are not up to snuff in their use of the process (Alice in Wonderland comes to mind). Epic, however, clearly makes the grade.

A teenager lands in a world which only her father believed in, a world he used as a teaching tool to help her be more open-minded. The hodge-podge group she finds herself a part of is a great mix of personalities: the stand-offish captain hiding his love for the queen, the silly, handsome young Leafman who longs for adventure but is completely inexpreienced – a small sample of the magical characters you meet. Human, yet other-worldly, and all coming together to save Earth.

Epic’s battle of good vs. evil is very exciting, and the 3D is just delicous. I ws kept in-the-moment from beginning to end.

Chockful of stars, adventure, lessons, and family, I endorse this movie as one of the summer’s best. If you’re going 3D, see Epic.

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