Oz the Great and Powerful reviewed by Anita

“He He He, My little Pretty!”  We are NOT in Kansas any more.

Set 20 years before the film we all know and love (The Wizard of Oz) Oscar Diggs  arrives in the land of Oz and meets three witches.  From the beginning Oscar is a real lady’s man, so it is funny how he gets himself embroiled with these three very strong women.   Oscar is enlisted to restore order to Oz by the good (or is she?) witch Glenda, learning along the way loyalty, friendship and how to finish what you start.  He also gets two thumbs up on his use of illusions and ingenuity.  Very clever.

Mila Kunis was awesome as Theodora, the green witch.  She brings an evil quality to her character that you just fall in love with.  Her darkness is so enlightening.  I was pleasantly surprised and found myself rooting for her.  Also the Flying Monkeys are just frightening!  If I were 10 I might have to build a trap outside my bedroom window.

The sets and animation are a treat to watch.  The story is very interesting when compared to the MGM version.  For a prequel it sets the stage for a second movie.

Just put on your ruby slippers, click them three times, and head to Oz.  You won’t be disappointed and even might be inspired to read the book one more time.

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