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Fawlty Towers – reviewed by Anita

When was the last time you revisited an old sitcom? Or maybe you’ve NEVER seen one because you are part of today’s viewing generation. Meaning you watch reality TV and nonsense news – i.e. more Kardashians than PBS. Today I … Continue reading

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Dumb Caption # 4: Melissa and Joey – (ABCFam, 1-22-14)

Joey: “Seeing the desperation in his eyes, I did what any good businessman would do. I gouged him.” The caption reads: “….. I gauged him.”

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The Colony (2013) – reviewed by George

I’m a big fan of horror, and I realize original situations and even lines are hard to come by, but I hate it when a movie is predictable. The list of production entities at the beginning of The Colony is … Continue reading

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Movie Quote # 2

From The Emperor Waltz (1948) –┬áBaron Holenia, looking out at the terrace of the Summer Palace to spot a prospective suitor for his daughter, the Countess: “The Hungarian officer playing cards – that’s Prince Istvan Barlossy de Baloshasa.” Countess: “Hmmm, … Continue reading

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The Emperor Waltz (1948) – reviewed by George

I recorded this on my DVR from Turner Classic Movies, and then didn’t watch it for some time. When I did watch, Robert Osbourne noted in his introduction that when lists of Billy Wilder films are made, this film is … Continue reading

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Thrill of a Romance (1945) – reviewed by George

This is certainly a strange follow-up to Bathing Beauty. Esther Williams dives more than she swims; there are only 2 new songs, though one is the now-old-standard “I Should Care”; the plot takes center stage; and most of the music … Continue reading

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Dumb Captions # 3: The French Line – (1954)

In this musical starring Jane Russell there are some defective captions that defy description, but they do not defy citing. Haha! The character “George” to Jane Russell: “The occasion calls for champagne, which by a lucky happenstance, I’m just about … Continue reading

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Dumb Caption # 2: Hugh Laurie Live on the Queen Mary – (PBS, 8-3-13)

Hugh says, “Just wandering around today.” The caption reads: “Just one ring around today.”

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The Heat (2013) – reviewed by Anita

I have issues with Sandra Bullock. I am having a hard time keeping her public persona and her on-screen characters blended, as a recurring theme in both seems to be that she’s extremely uptight. This was no different in The … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 1- From Futurama, Episode 6-7, “Neutopia”

Dr. Farnsworth, facing bankruptcy: “Oh, I suppose there’s nothing to do but move out. Leela, Amy, pack us a lunch for our new lives under the bridge, while us men reminisce and smoke some stogies.”

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