The Purge (2013) – reviewed by Anita

Just think about the meaning of the word “purge”. Apply this meaning to your relationships with family and friends – the meaning of the word and your heart. This movie will make you reevaluate your friends – who would you really, really trust and how deep is their love? I’ll tell you it’s not just anybody that you would want to spend this future holiday with – Holy Toledo!

Set in 2022 this Hell Night concept is beyond polite society. What makes it so freaky is that in this movie-goer’s opinion it could happen. The Purge is a horror film with an occult edge to it. It will go down as one of the best-worst slasher films of 2013, and emphasizing that dichotomy I give it three stars.

As the film unfolds you learn Americans have made one night a year a legal celebration of every evil thing society has fought as an abomination against humanity. It is mayhem and chaos with a twist of religious zeal. Tantalizing. The writer uses this launching point to introduce the audience to his upper class family example facing the long night of fear, rape, and legal killings. Challenged by the son and daughter questioning this practice, parents try to keep their family safe and to keep an open mind in explaining what a great idea this night is, as well as how it has served in cleaning up society,

Cheap and predictable in many places, scary and real in others, The Purge is not an evening for the weak at heart. If you’re a sucker, a bleeding heart, or just a pansy you’re done for. Purge will separate the boys from the men. Can you do it? Can you kill for fun? Will you kill for family? Will you kill in the name of the state? Sure, you say it now, but how about in March when the holiday rolls around?

What will you do then?

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