Conan – TBS at 11/10C, M-Th – Reviewed by George

Gee, this is a funny show! Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter are relaxed, quick, and very smart, and this makes for great ad-libbed ripostes. And Conan constantly riffs as he does the scripted stuff. Last night’s show was a good example of this. In the monologue Conan said, “A new study – just came out – reveals that men and women who are friends with benefits are able to maintain the friendship even after the benefits end… Yeah. Yeah… Isn’t that nice?… Yeah?… The study refers to this arrangement as “marriage”.                   Speaking around audience reaction and still keeping on point is a lot harder than it may read. And again: Conan told about a new video-submission contest and named the sponsor of the thing and held up the box. Andy’s hand moved into frame and turned the box over so that the face of it was pointed at the camera. Conan’s reaction (and the audience’s) stopped the show.                                                                                                    And yet again: Conan to Andy: “Do you know what a lot of talk show hosts do, Andy?”   Andy: “Hold up a box right?” (huge laugh)                                                                              Conan (abashed): “I went to college and everything.”                                                          Then (after everyone calmed down) Conan said, “Anyhoo, a lot of talk show hosts have research staffs that prepare the hosts for their interviews. But guess what? We don’t use professionals. (looks at the camera and grins) And I think it shows.”                                  It’s really great to watch a semi-scripted show where the performers have as much fun as you do!

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