TV Quotes # 3 – Mom

Anna Farris (as just hit-upon waitress Christy) to French Stewart (as Rudy, the chef): “You really need to go to the sexual harassment workshop.”                                          French Stewart: “If I go, will you sleep with me?”

Anna (as Christy, to Sadie Calvano as her daughter Violet): “It’s not too late to call and cancel, break his heart, and die alone.”                                                                                  Sadie Calvano: “I do enjoy our talks, Mother.”

Allison Janney (as Bonnie, Christy’s mom, to Christy as she prepares to leave on a weekend date): “I got you a little present.”                                                                            Anna (looking at the gift): “Strawberry lube?”                                                                 Allison: They were out of ham-flavored. And DON’T eat it in the car!”

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