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Ender’s Game (2013) – reviewed by George

This is a very intelligent movie – deeper, with bigger aspirations than the great majority of films, especially action films, which concentrate on delivering excitement and thrills. There are plenty of those here: fist fights, fights with very heavy artillery, … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 5 – Dr. Who Explained

Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks: It (referring to any Dalek) doesn’t really have a conscience. It’s a bit like a politician, really. It only thinks of its own aims and its own survival….

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TV Quote # 4 – Warehouse 13, S5-E1

Artie: What else? Claudia: Pocket watch – belonged to Karl Schwartzschild. Myka: The German physicist. Artie: Yeah, provided the first exact solution to Einstein’s field equations of general relativity. What else? Claudia: The last thing was a very old sundial. … Continue reading

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Into the Woods (1990) – reviewed by George

I wanted to watch this version of the stage play (taped for PBS’s American Playhouse) before the movie version comes out, and I found it to be full of emotion and colorful performances. Bernadette Peters stars as the witch (it … Continue reading

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Joan Crawford Triple Feature – reviewed by George

Our Dancing Daughters (1928) shows us three flappers with wildly different outlooks. In the first sequences we learn that Diana (Joan Crawford) has a great relationship with her mother, while Beatrice (Dorothy Sebastian) and her brother Freddie (Edward Nugent) have … Continue reading

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