Penny Dreadful Revisited – reviewed by George

I wrote about episode 1, but have since seen episodes 2 and 3. After the first episode I thought they were going with a completely reimagined Creature for Dr. Victor Frankenstein, but at the end of episode 2 the original monster made a very unexpected appearance. In episode 3 Victor and the original  have a truly wonderful dialogue, written in a florid Victorian style and acted by 2 guys who are phenomenal: Rory Kinnear as the monster and Harry Treadaway as the doctor. Great stuff! And I am not going to omit naming the actor cast as the new improved creature: Alex Price, who communicated so well the sweetness and innocence of the softer creation.

This is a very good series. TV Guide used to say that you needed to watch three episodes of anything before deciding whether or not to watch regularly. Personally I think you can decide after one – if you hate it why watch again? But when you like something and your opinion is confirmed by the next 2 episodes, I think you’re on to something. So I hope this show finds a big, big audience, and I can watch it for a long time.

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