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Jersey Boys (2014) – reviewed by George

I didn’t like the touring stage company of Jersey Boys very much, compared to other audience members, but a musical directed by Clint Eastwood? How could I resist? Although according to the grosses a lot of people can. The surprise … Continue reading

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Enemy (2013) – reviewed by George

To me this movie is the very definition of “pretentious”. It’s dark and moody with a strange ominous score, claustrophobic interiors, and a central situation to which all but one of the characters react in what I regard as an … Continue reading

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True Love’s Kiss-Maleficent 3D: Reviewed By Anita 4 Stars

Princess Aurora: “I know you’re there.  Don’t be afraid.” Maleficent: “I’m not afraid.” Princess Aurora: “Then come out.” Maleficent: “Then you’ll be….” What a great adventure!   Stromberg has done a wonderful job weaving the world of Maleficent before our … Continue reading

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Dumb Caption # 9 – Continuum (for the third time)

Well, gotta love Continuum as a CONTINUing source for these dumb captions. And it’s not as though I’m picking on them – I like the show a lot and watch regularly, so I can’t help but see these awful examples. … Continue reading

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Dumb Caption # 8 – Continuum (again)

In the episode of 6-6-14, Victor Webster, as Carlos, on the phone to the Piron corporation: “No, I would NOT like to leave a message for Mr. Sadler. And I do NOT want to talk to the Piron VPD liaison. … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 7 – The Graham Norton Show

Graham: Was Teddy born here? (in the UK)                                                                 … Continue reading

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Escape from Planet Earth (2013) – reviewed by George

This is utterly and completely, in its very DNA, a family film. It’s about a family on the planet Baab (pronounced Bob), and it was made to entertain families on the planet Earth (pronounced Urth, according to a Babbian visual … Continue reading

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Salem–Review by Anita

“Something wicked this way comes…”  As Ray Bradbury put it that is Salem the TV series.  This  detailed look at an age that until recently we really haven’t recreated film wise is great.  One of the best TV shows on … Continue reading

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Vikings-Reviewed by Anita

I know everybody is on edge about Game of Thrones–  I (however) have been on edge watching Vikings.  Wow!  This is (was) great.  Story, acting, even odd accent I love it.  Not to mention the theme song (Goks Kanal) really … Continue reading

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Columbo-Reviewed by Anita

This American detective  is an icon in American TV cop shows.  The series is an original in best annoying Sherlock of the 20 century.  We the audience  always knew who did it, why they did it and how they did … Continue reading

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