Salem–Review by Anita

“Something wicked this way comes…”  As Ray Bradbury put it that is Salem the TV series.  This  detailed look at an age that until recently we really haven’t recreated film wise is great.  One of the best TV shows on .  Of course there is the Thanks giving specials, and the Native American pleas about their plights via film but Salem is a whole different ball of wax.

This recreation of 17th century Massachusetts is awesome.  One feels like they are in the town of Salem.  The costuming  is just as detailed.  No snaps and zippers and their hair is not always lovely.  Muddy streets map out the small town surrounded by dark forest that envelopes an uncertain life.  These city dwellers are not your history book pilgrim or puritan.  Real people, with bad teeth, dirty clothes and unholy ambition.

Witches are real…. Now how fun is that?  One could say with the modern movement in alternative religions makes this show Salem one step in  giving real witches enough courage to step out and be heard. Speaking of real witches these are some of the best on-screen.  Common, everyday folks you’d never think twice of are out in the forest with animal heads on their own chanting up the Father of Darkness.  Mary and John almost seem to be a Scarlet Letter love doomed from the beginning.  The power that Tituba holds seems to be more real than the story we get about how she really lived and died. Very sexy, very dark, very clever.  I like to see her with more control then how she has been depicted through our history books and documentaries.  Then there is Mercy.  Mercy is such a pretty little creature with her big doe like eyes and bow like mouth.  All lending more credence to her creepy character.  If you were not paying attention to her in the beginning I’d recommend you do in the future she is going to come out gang busters.

Lets not forget our witch hunter.  The good and ever pious Cotton Mather, preaching the word of the Lord by day and sleeping with whores by night.  Kudos to the director for bringing out the hypocritical side that religion has always presented to us.  Especially in the image of its heads of church.

We’ve just finished season one, for a first season it was GREAT.  Looking forward to season two.  What will Marry do with Mercy?  Will Mary and John come to the same cause or will Tituba stop them with her own ambitions?  And poor Cotton, will he ever come to terms about his inner conflict, put down the drink and join the rest of us poor souls that are simply human.  I say watch for more Salem.  I will be.


June 23, 2014  Hi folks.  While watching Salem last night I started thinking to myself “ok…. Lets get this moving!” I have to admit I was more enchanted with the earlier episodes.  Feels like things seem to be going flat or out of control.  Are you irritated with Cotton?  Do you want to choke John and Mary? Is it about time for George to get that frog out of his throat?  Maybe you feel like I do and want to go on your own witch hunt?  Don’t get me wrong, I do like the show, just getting board with waiting on the Grand Rite.  What do you think?


July 11, 2014

Relationships have created a  web of deceit leading to one complicated town .  WOW!  To think a week ago I was getting a bit board.  LOL.

Are you on edge waiting for next Sunday’s show?  I am.  I can’t believe this season is over already!  Just when the show started to peek my attention again.  To me, it feels as if the characters all of a sudden gained depth. I like John again, there for awhile I wanted him and Cotton to be sent into the woods .  Cotton has found something else to do beside drink and cry about the town.   Mary really took turn we all expected (or I did) so it’s just a matter seeing how she handles this coming out to John.  As for Increase, Cotton’s  father, you love to hate him.  That simple. Ann and Mercy have really come of out the (umm) ‘broom closet’.  Mercy has been expanding in her new dark life.  However to see her so alone and child like while wandering around a pit of dead bodies was a nice juxtaposition .  And who doesn’t love the personal battle Ann must have with herself, her father, and her love John?  Funny not one but TWO witches should want this guy.  Oooo Woo I love the witches in the forest.  Talk about some hags.  Sorry to all you New Agers  and White Witches but those ladies are the bees knees.

I don’t want to say too much for you who missed last weeks episode.  Get online watch it.  The Grand Rite is upon us!   Meet me next Sunday July 13 for our last visit this season to Salem.

July 16, 2014

All Fall Down…

What did you think?  Are you on edge?  Will be ready next APRIL?  That’s so far, I marked it in my planner 🙂

I’d say each story/character line has a believable way to stay alive.   Keeps me interested enough for next season.  I’m still wondering exactly what all the fuss is about the Grand Rite? It’s hard to believe one can build too many shows around an event that has not been completed in 200 years.  It’s hard to keep the time line suspended because this event is to be taking place right now, meaning it will end within a plausible time frame. What I’m getting at is it creates confusing over stuffed stories.  That’s when a good story goes bad.  I see a bit of filler here, that will make the story drag.  Just what I was complaining about two weeks ago.  The pace.  At least we have entered the start of the event.

As for the characters keeping us wanting more  I’m not disappointed in Ann’s performance.  Wow.  She became Carrie and Lizzie Borden all in one shot.  Nicely done.  However note it has been done before.  John’s last-minute save by Native Americans. Classic.  Who didn’t see that coming?  If you missed it go back and WATCH AGAIN.  The set up has been building all season.   Cotton; weak, but I guess we will need a witch hunter since Increase got his.   We knew he couldn’t go on.  Mary; I am on the fence about her.  I was mildly surprised to see her having a living child at the end.  Are we seeing a puritan version of The Omen?  I am also curious how she will A) keep this from John B) keep her son from the Hags C) keep this from her husband D) keep the child from becoming the Dark Lord since that is where they intend for him to be…  Finely E) Who and how is she going to keep herself and her child safe from Mercy the new Queen of the Night.  Even if she is self-appointed.

All assessing aside.  Opinions to boot!  I do intend to watch next season.  I hope you do too.  You don’t want to miss the next chapter in Salem.




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