Vikings-Reviewed by Anita

I know everybody is on edge about Game of Thrones–  I (however) have been on edge watching Vikings.  Wow!  This is (was) great.  Story, acting, even odd accent I love it.  Not to mention the theme song (Goks Kanal) really brings out the Dungeon and Dragon player in ya. I suggest taking a minute and listening to some of their other stuff.  It is very much what we would say Vikings listened too.

More than one favorite character has developed for me.  On each side of good and evil.  I have found each of them hold a different place in the over all politics of their survival. For example it is hard to dislike as well as like Ragnar.   When you understand his reasons his actions are justified (as with most anybody) but  the Blood Eagle death was hard to watch, and I’ve seen all the Saw movies.  That should say something.  I also like the love story side of it, and how it is completely different in how we as a culture treat the ones we love.  The break up between Ragnar and Legertha was sad and common place at the same time.  They never stopped loving each other we can see that, they seem to be on  a higher understanding of love and sacrifice then we are.  I enjoy watching this relationship tie together and unravel at the same time.

Not unlike Game of  it Thrones, Vikings has a feel of ages changing.  New Gods for Old ones, new languages, Pagan and non-Pagan.  I realize both stories are in familiar genera but the rawness of Vikings is appealing.

I guess the hardest question to answer with this series is, is Ragnar a good guy or bad guy?  Another one is will Legertha and Ragnar ever get back together?  Finely how far will Floki rise in this new government of sea and land.  That is one guy we should all be watching, he is a loose cannon and just awesome at it.  If anybody is connected to the gods it is my man Floki.

Looking forward to the next season.  Tell me what do you think?

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One Response to Vikings-Reviewed by Anita

  1. I agree it’s been very satisfying to watch. I wouldn’t have expected less from writer-producer Michael Hirst, who also did The Tudors. I like this period of history, and comparing this show to the films made about it. I tend to like the oddest characters best, and the ones who have the most internal conflicts. So I gravitate toward Floki, and also Athelstan, the former monk caught between two cultures, and that weird blind oracle guy (the seer) whose hand they have to lick after he prophesies. I have sympathy for both Ragnar and Lagertha, and it’s always fun to see women kick ass.

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