Dumb Caption # 8 – Continuum (again)

In the episode of 6-6-14, Victor Webster, as Carlos, on the phone to the Piron corporation: “No, I would NOT like to leave a message for Mr. Sadler. And I do NOT want to talk to the Piron VPD liaison. I’ll tell you what: you tell that little shit that he better call me back, or I’ll come down there and wring his neck!”

The caption reads: “…or I’ll come down there and ring his neck!”

AND in the same episode, Rachel Nichols, as Kiera: “My son Sam, he won’t be born for another sixty years, but oh, how I cling to him.”

And the caption? “but ugh, how I clung to him.”

The extra-terrestrials are already here! How else to explain a lack of knowledge of standard North American expressions and the basic difference between present tense and past tense (or past participle without the “have”)?

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