True Love’s Kiss-Maleficent 3D: Reviewed By Anita 4 Stars

Princess Aurora: “I know you’re there.  Don’t be afraid.”

Maleficent: “I’m not afraid.”

Princess Aurora: “Then come out.”

Maleficent: “Then you’ll be….”

What a great adventure!   Stromberg has done a wonderful job weaving the world of Maleficent before our eyes.  As promised I watched the film in 3D, and I was not disappointed.   Scenes did not feel forced.   I pointed out in past reviews 3D is not always my favorite. Often it will give me a headache because it is poorly done.  Rest assured folks you won’t experience that  this time.  I feel the film is great either HD or 3D.  Each points of view are a real treat.

Construction wise the background was enchanting and inviting.  I really felt as if I was flying high, dancing on the very surface of a flowing river.  Stormberg did not over-use  3D.   Rather, he struck  on great moments it would be most effective to have 3D.  Making the fairy tale even more exciting.  The story stays pretty much how we  know the telling of Sleeping Beauty.  There are spinning wheels, a King and Queen, a beautiful kingdom–all important elements. You don’t miss out on great battles, dragons, fire, and flights of revenge.  Just this time they are epic acts.  Huge.   I was transported to a living magical forest that was happy, sad, mad or moved depending on its Champion Malifcent.

Angelina’s bringing Malifcent to life is AWESOME.  WOW!   Each emotion, challenge, heart-felt moment is illustrated with real talent.   Wardrobe perfect.  Not over the top, just right.   Angelina gives new depth to this misunderstood fairy.  Charming, sexy, scary, childlike… she was everything.     As for Aurora, illustrated to us by Elle Fanning, I’d say a good job.  I would have prefered a bit more maturity brought to the role.  Fanning, I felt, was kind of missing something…  Just off.  I wouldn’t say flat  but I would say too sweet.  The cast over all is stupendous.  The characters are truly believable more so than I expected.  Not fantasy  but real world within fantasy.

The fairy folk that populate this colorful world are independent wonders in their own right.  One example is the garden trio of fairies that are given the task of raising Aurora.  Each is just as clumsy as we remember them from the Disney version combined with human qualities of imperfection.  Although we don’t spend a great deal of time with them but we learn their personalities quickly.   I liked the  change-up.  They face daily grinds of being human in a very realistic way.    I don’t want to give away spoilers so I will leave it for you to match character from this film to the cartoon version we know best.

Wrapping this up I have to admit that I would argue this version could  well be the REAL history of Maleficent and Aurora.  Why not?   Both iconic figure in our fairy tales are a kind of guide-line as to how good and evil work against each other.  This version shows us good and evil living side by side in our selves every day.  Maleficent is the very evolution of how we grow and change.

If you haven’t seen it already, get out there! If you have, what did you think?

Let me know

See you at the movies


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