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American Horror Freak Show Episode 4: By Anita

Episode 4 Trials of Twisty is for sure twisty.  I am so excited about this season.  More so than I originally thought.  The character development is seamless.  Each episode has us digging deeper into another dirty secret.  Completely seductive in the … Continue reading

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Gone Girl (2014) – reviewed by George

This movie exists on a spine of twists and surprises that will keep people recalling it for years. Gillian Flynn did an excellent job of honing her novel to a screenplay, pretty much by tossing out everything BUT the “Spine … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 14: Gravity Falls, Season 2, episode 6, Little Gift Shop of Horrors

The Unbelievably Ugly Hand Witch meets a Hunky Bearded Hiker and, grabbing the book of Pick-Up Lines Mabel gave her, reads, “Girl, are those space pants? Because your butt looks out of this world!” The Hunk replies, “Wow! Thanks for … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 13: The Graham Norton Show, Season 16, Episode 3, aired USA 10-18-14

The guests were John Cleese, Taylor Swift, Kevin Pieterson, and Neil Diamond, plugging respectively, his new autobiography, her fifth album, his new autobiography, and his 41st album. Graham was looking through John’s autobio and showed a picture from it of … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 12: Mulaney, Pilot

John Mulaney. a struggling stand-up comic played by John Mulaney, goes to audition for a gig as gagwriter for Lou Cannon, a game show host played by Martin Short, who hires him, then says, “I want to tell you a … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 11 – Continuum: Season 3, Episode 5

Verta to a TV newswoman: When I watch your show I’m ashamed for you. For all your viewers. No awareness, no analysis, just reactionary opinions. You are part of the problem. A pretty, empty puppet leading everyone on a merry … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) – reviewed by George

This old film, in black and white, sounds as though it might be a history lesson, but it is an adventure film with a lot of clever dialogue, and a final action sequence featuring hordes of horsemen attacking the palace … Continue reading

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American Horror: Freak Show Season 4 by Anita

Hello Freak Show fans!  I hope you are enjoying this season’s installment of American Horror as much as I am.  Wow!  I must confess I hate clowns.  Never have liked them much until I grew up enough to appreciate them … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 10 – Doctor Who, Season 8, Episode 7: Kill the Moon

Doctor Who’s current companion Clara is working as a school teacher in England and the Doctor has told one of her tenth graders, Courtney, that she is not special. To give the girl some sense of specialness he takes her … Continue reading

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Dumb Caption # 11 – The Mystery of Agatha Christie , PBS

Early in the program it is established that Ms. Christie died in 1975. Later, host David Suchet says, “We headed off to Torquay. It was here in this genteel town on the English Riviera that Agatha Miller was born in … Continue reading

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