TV Quote # 13: The Graham Norton Show, Season 16, Episode 3, aired USA 10-18-14

The guests were John Cleese, Taylor Swift, Kevin Pieterson, and Neil Diamond, plugging respectively, his new autobiography, her fifth album, his new autobiography, and his 41st album.

Graham was looking through John’s autobio and showed a picture from it of John and his mother, who looked chipper and in control of all her faculties, but also looked 115.

Graham: She looks amazing.

John: That was after she died. (Note: She lived to be 101)

John then said: Her life spanned the entire 20th century. She lived through the First World War, Great Depression, Rise of Hitler and Stalin, Second World War, atomic bombs, foundation of Israel, cold war, space age. She lived through it all. Without really noticing any of it.

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