American Horror Freak Show Episode 4: By Anita

Episode 4 Trials of Twisty is for sure twisty.  I am so excited about this season.  More so than I originally thought.  The character development is seamless.  Each episode has us digging deeper into another dirty secret.  Completely seductive in the dark sense of the feeling.  To avoid spoilers for you folks catching up I’d just like to share a few observations since the first episode.

AHS (American Horror Show) has a charm about how they nonchalantly intermix fornication with telling a sad story.  It is impressive.  This last episode (4)  in particular was visual  assault of depraved sexual acts I’d only heard about.  Not ever really believed. Today I know better.   I have come to the conclusion that Elsa is more complex than  magnet for the odd, unacceptable ‘freak’. Another observation character wise is how I now feel sorry for the serial killer Twisty.  His botched suicide coupled with his childlike IQ made me see him as acting out.   Even if he has been collecting folks and torturing them.  It’s his new side kick I don’t like.  As far as liking a killer clown goes.  I am curious how the love story between Jimmy, Maggie and Dot will play out.  How does one twin kill the other while sharing one body?  As far as Jimmy goes you have to admit he is the good guy in a town full of bad ones.  Even if he has flippers for hands.  If you remember he made a lot of ladies happy in a few episodes back.

AHS has set us up for a real treat I’m sure for episode 5.  Episode 4 gave us a reset.  We learned backgrounds of our Freaks and how they came to be where they are.  Thanks to Edward Mordrake and his unique method of getting the story.  I like to watch him with hand on cane and listening intently like a therapist from hell.  We have learned motives and are being set up for a new killer.  I can’t wait.

So folks!  If you’re behind get caught up.  Got something to add; please do.  Love to see what is freaking you out about this season of AHS.

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