Film Grammar # 6 – Surviving Exodus, Animal Planet 12-4-2014

Dave Salmoni said, “I’ve probably swam with every kind of shark you can think of.”

Two mistakes here: the wrong verb tense (should be “I’ve probably SWUM…”) and ending the sentence with a preposition. Now, I recently got a comment from a faithful reader, Cinemamasochist, who reminded me that some usages, though technically incorrect, are so widely used that I shouldn’t complain. And I think ending some sentences with a preposition qualifies, because I would never recommend that Dave say, “… every kind of shark of which you can think”, (although I might wish that he had said, “… every kind of shark I know”).

Cinemamasochist also made the point that script writers often write the way real people speak for added realism, and he is absolutely correct. So thank you, Cinemamasochist, and I promise to be more aware of that in future.

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