“Curtain Call” Final Episode American Horror Freak Show review by Anita

What just happened here?  If it is one thing I can pin down is there is no pinning down this season’s wrap up.  It’s as if the writers were so overwhelmed they too just decided to end it all.  Wow….

This season had some great guest stars.  Many of them playing characters that were very compelling to the story. (David Bowie, Matthew Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris–to name a few) I guess I was just expecting something else.  I watched it twice to make sure I was not missing something.  This exercise only served to confuse me.  I found myself   remembering plot twists from past episodes, thinking “How does this ending figure into Freak Show”?  This show handled themes ranging from homosexuality, orgies, gore, early porn, you name it.  And this is how you end a season like Freak Show?  That’s when I came up with the solution to out of control story themes.  The writers kill everybody and start over.

Out of all this season’s cast I found Dandy Mott the character that NEVER made any sense.  The finale’s rise and fall of Dandy was a rushed closing.  Think about it: Dandy takes over the Freak Show.  Dandy makes the Freaks really angry, is violent with them.  Freaks come together overthrowing him.  Next, Dandy is taking his sweet time to dress for success, gets his pretty gold hand gun, and starts killing everyone left in camp.  Just seconds after this massacre he is getting married to Bette and Dot.  Who (big surprise here) kill him.  Good bye, Dandy.  Concise and neat.  And all fit nicely in TV’s time frame.  Strong and compelling?  Ummm, NO.  I could go on about each character in the same manner.  Their fantastical lives and plot twists deserved a better endings.

The disingenuous “Happily Ever After”  endings were least believable.  For example I have to say NO to Jimmy and the twins living in a 1950’s McCall’s spread.  Jimmy very much the happy husband with his new hands and TV dinner.  Bette and Dot all aglow with child.  For sure most unlikely.  The hermaphrodite (non-hermaphodite) living her ‘married with children’ dream come true. NO. Elise’s sudden death on stage and rising to her ‘Freak Show Heaven’ was too much.  I found myself missing the episodes when I was just trying to understand Twisty.

I guess through it all I waited for each Wednesday night with morbid anticipation.  Just like you.  Truth be told I will wait again.  I might be  under-supporting this season’s finale but I am an American Horror Show fan.  Looking forward to what they will do next.

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