Cinderella 2015-reviewed by Anita 4/5 stars

This live action classic fantasy is magical.  Not to state the obvious.  Cate Blanchett is superb as the Wicked Stepmother.  Lily James can at times appear almost too sweet.  Not always my favorite characteristic, but then I have to say ” let’s remember the whole point of Cinderella’s charm is her kindness and her courage”. So I moved past this side of her and enjoyed the over all character.   Helena Bonham Carter’s interpretation of the Fairy Godmother is (in my opinion) pretty spot on.  Richard Madden was just the right amount of handsome, in love, and a bit puppy love all at once.  I rather liked this Prince Charming.  As for sisters these two (Holiday Grainger as  Anastasia and Sophie McShera as Drizella) were tops.  I realize they are ‘wicked step sisters’ but they are pretty darn scatter in that silly way.  I got a giggle or two out of them.

I think this is a refreshing take on the well-known classic.  So far one of my top five interpretations.  For the purest I have to say this version still represents the cartoon classic with dignity.  Not as bloody as Grimm’s’.  However not many of the fairy tales are as bloody as Grimm’s.  Cinderella 2015 does keep the iconic moments and the pace of the Disney version.  The story keeps you involved and moves quickly at the same time.

Cinderella’s animal friends are just as jolly.  This version changed a few of them here and there.  Staying in tradition of mince to horse, goose to driver but lizard to footmen is different.  The coach is a real spectacle.  It’s transformation is a real treat in CGI.

Costumes are beautiful.  Rich and colorful.  A fashion show blending time periods almost seamlessly.  The 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and Victorian are sprinkled throughout the film’s character costumes.   Cinderella’s ball gown is breath-taking.  What girl wouldn’t want those glass slippers?  According to both Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother they are surprisingly comfortable.

You will enjoy this film no matter if you’re on a date or with some friends.  It is great for the 5 and up ages.  Little kids just don’t get it.  So let them watch it next year.  Besides you might want to stay out past midnight.

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