TV Quote #27 – Young and Hungry, Season 2, Episode 3, “Young and Munchies”

Gabi (Emily Osment) is trying to write a spec article for an important cooking magazine, and the editor wants recipes that feature marijuana. Gabi has no idea how to get some pot, so she asks her friend Sofia (Aimee Carero).

Sofia: “If you’re gonna do this, at least do it honestly. Fake an illness and get a cannabis card like my Nana did.”

Gabi: “I don’t know – I’m only good at lying to people I know. I’m starting to get all nervous and anxious about this.”

Sofia: “That’s perfect! Just tell the doctor you need weed to calm your nerves.”

Gabi: “Hey, that’s a great idea! And then I won’t be lying. But since I won’t be lying I won’t be nervous. So I will be lying. But I also won’t be…”

Sofia: “Are you stoned already?”

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