TV Quote # 34 (a long one) – Royal Pains – Season 7, Episode 1 – “Rebound”

Paige and Evan Lawson (played by Brooke D’Orsay and Paulo Costanzo) have been married for, I believe, a few seasons, and now they have purchased their first home. Paige is delighted with everything except the wet bar, which must go to wet bar heaven.

Paige: “Aside from that, this place needs so little work!”

Evan: “Can I just say it is so nice to see you in such an unexpectedly pleasant mood?”

Paige: “Unexpectedly?”

Evan: “Hmmm?… you know, cause of the… cause of the, uhh… time of the month?…                                                    Actually I have an app.”

Paige: “What kind of app?”

Evan: “It’s a… you know, it’s just…  just tracks your, uh, cycles.”

Paige “It does WHAT?”

Evan (quietly): “It’s called Red Dragon.” (laughs nervously, sighs)

Paige (with an inward sort of look): “Evan….. I just realized I’m late.”

Evan: “You mean the dragon’s still in the castle?”

Paige: “Yeah. And I’m never late.”

Evan: “You’re saying you could be – wuh, we could be….”

Paige: “I don’t know. Probably not. I mean, we can’t be.”

Evan: “Technically we could be.”

Paige: “Right. But what I’m saying is that we just can’t be.”

Evan: “Yeah, cause that would be crazy.”

Paige: “Yeah. (pauses) But I think we should go buy a pregnancy test just to be on the safe                  side.” (She starts out the door)

Evan: “Mm hmm. Mm Hmm. Uh… Oh, right NOW?”

Paige: “Yes, right now. Unless you can do that with your phone too.”

Evan: “I think that would probably void the warranty.”

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