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The Locket (1946) – reviewed by George

“The Locket” qualifies as film noir, but it quietly transcends that genre by its surprising excellence. It purports to tell the story of a sociopathic young woman, cruelly traumatized as a child. The film has a unique flashback structure, unique … Continue reading

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Sinbad the Sailor (1947) – reviewed by George

This film is glorious – brilliant Technicolor, solid action and suspense, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. doing a fantastic tribute to his father by acting in the same style, with the same gestures and the same bigger than life presence. And … Continue reading

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Commentary # 8 – Top Gear as Reality TV

Just watched Top Gear “Best of ’14-’15” on BBCAmerica. The big deal through the hour was Jeremy Clarkson and James May racing to save Richard Hammond from a mountain top in the Canadian Rockies, both men driving American pickup trucks. … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Murders (1965, UK; 1966, USA) – reviewed by George

I love Poirot. It started with a family vacation at a lake in Missouri. I was about 13, and there was no TV in our cabin, so we took turns reading a few chapters each night of “Sad Cypress” by … Continue reading

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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015) – reviewed by George

Surely, all of you who love camp-on-purpose watched this last night. And I’m betting you were not disappointed. With the announcement that there will be a 4th movie in the series, this officially becomes a summer phenomenon (I considered it … Continue reading

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TVLand’s new Wednesday shows – reviewed by George

Two nights ago TVLand premiered two new comedies and started the second half of the 4th season of “The Exes”. The three shows made for a really good hour and a half of fun. First “The Jim Gaffigan Show” premiered. The … Continue reading

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Trans-TV: by Anita

I just have to take a minute to say it out loud.  REALLY?  I have had my beef with Reality TV in the past.  I’ve even learned to like some of it.  But I’m kind of tired of all of … Continue reading

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Some PBS to take a look at By Anita

As you know from other comments I’ve made I find the TV seasons out of whack.  With that being said I’ve had to take a look at some of the new shows out for the summer.  As a favorite of … Continue reading

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Tomorrowland Reviewed by Anita 3 Stars

Clever, inspiring and lots of action is the best way to introduce you to Tomorrowland.  Directed  by Brad Pitt this mystery adventure is a family fun film.  The story tells us about a disillusioned genius, a young scientist in the … Continue reading

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Magdalene Sisters: Review by Anita 3 stars

Dark, harsh, almost medieval this story of three woman is a twisted journey.  Written and directed by Peter Mullian, this independent docudrama is a window into the closed doors  of backward thinking.  Rose, Margret and Burnedett each individually experience a life altering … Continue reading

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