Magdalene Sisters: Review by Anita 3 stars

Dark, harsh, almost medieval this story of three woman is a twisted journey.  Written and directed by Peter Mullian, this independent docudrama is a window into the closed doors  of backward thinking.  Rose, Margret and Burnedett each individually experience a life altering seniors.  Each of these seniors  leave them in the worst possible light of society.  Their families or guardian take control and each girl in an effort to protect their reputations. Each girl is put away in the haunting halls of the Magdalene Sisterhood.  A very zealot branch of  the catholic church.  Their reality is a daily grind of enduring dehumanizing abuse from the Nuns coupled with barely adequate housing, sad excuse for food and a work day that rivals working in a coal mine.  Trapped by these sadistic role models the girls emerge woman with emotional scars.  Extreme punishment for their sins make wearing the Scarlett Letter a cake walk.

Most incredible about this story is it continued on until the 1980’s. Making this film both moving as well as thought-provoking.  From a women’s study perspective it is a must see.  Beautifully shot in the green country of Ireland, the starkness between the landscape of this charming town versus how these girls are treated is film at its best.

Want to see something off the main street see Magdalene Sisters.

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