Trans-TV: by Anita

I just have to take a minute to say it out loud.  REALLY?  I have had my beef with Reality TV in the past.  I’ve even learned to like some of it.  But I’m kind of tired of all of this.  I know a lot of you will read this and think I’m Anti-Same Sex which is NOT the case.  I’m simply uninterested and  tired of all the Transgender journeys we are now inundated with from every channel on the networks.  This shift to viewing alternate family life styles (in my opinion) makes it more of a freak show rather than giving off the impression alternate families are normal as the rest of the clan.  These pop up spin offs of Bruce Jenner’s transition are flooding the TV waves faster than a new smart phone.  We seem to be lining up to watch them with much more interest than the up coming election.  I am having a hard time believing people are so shallow, selfie obsessed and TV centered that you want your whole life and struggles on for the world to see.  I guess we owe a bigger Thanks to the Kardashians than I thought.  I was under the impression it would calm down but it has not.  Now every dirty little secret, every life challenge, every illness one deals with, every drug one likes to do and every sexual position one likes to try are all on TV for the rest of us to feel better about ourselves.    I guess that is the modern viewer.   Its Face Book for the morbidly bored. Well, I watch TV.  I like TV shows.  I’m just tired of the flavor most current TV has taken on.  Give me re-runs of TV Land any day of the week. Even a Jerry Springer every now and again.  As for the rest of it, keep it.  I’m turning the channel.

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