TVLand’s new Wednesday shows – reviewed by George

Two nights ago TVLand premiered two new comedies and started the second half of the 4th season of “The Exes”. The three shows made for a really good hour and a half of fun.

First “The Jim Gaffigan Show” premiered. The show is based on his real life as a stand-up comic with a large family. On the show he and his wife, played by Ashley Williams, have 5 young kids. The show started in the club, but mostly dealt with his home life. It was actually funny, as are too few of the new comedies on the air. My favorite line was in Gaffigan’s opening voice-over: “If you’re wondering what it’s like being the father of five young children, just imagine you’re drowning, and then someone hands you a baby.”

Next up was “Impastor” where Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from “Smallville”) plays Buddy Dobbs, a smalltimer who owes money to a loan shark and through a series of happenings winds up taking a dead guy’s name and job as a brand-new pastor (fortunately hired unseen) in small-town New Jersey. Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect) and David Rasche (Sledge Hammer, one of my favorite sit-coms) are in the cast, and how Buddy keeps getting out of situations where you’d think people are bound to find him out makes for a funny show. This was my second viewing, since TVLand ran the show as a special preview several days ago.

Then “The Exes” started the second half of season 4 with a story about Holly (Kristen Johnson) receiving a personal computer/life manager in the shape of a large flashlight. She named it Eric and then fell in love with it. This is a show that I have always liked and have never missed. Some lines from the premiere:
1. After first opening it, Holly hates it. Her assistant Eden (played by Kelly Stables) tries to get her to appreciate it with no success. Holly starts shoving Eden out the door.
Eden: “…that is one cool gift.”
Holly: “Alright, well, I’m glad you like it. Act surprised when you get it for your birthday, okay?”
2. Holly is interested, but skeptical about Eric’s claim that because of his computer capability he knows everything about her.
Holly: “What’s my favorite song?”
Eric: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”
Holly: “I was 12!”
Eric: “You played it yesterday.”
3. Holly gives up the delusion that Eric is more than a machine.
Eden: “Maybe it’s time to get back out there.”
Holly: “Maybe it is. Before I start hitting on the toaster.”

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