Bishop’s Wife 1947 reviewed by Anita : 5 stars

What a charming film.  Carry Grant is his suave self in this film centered around rebuilding faith and what is really important.  The cast includes Loretta Young who is the Julia the Bishop’s wife.  David Niven the Bishop who has lost his way.  Montly Woolley the Professor and James Gleason who is Sylvester the sympathetic taxi driver.

Dejected efforts to raise money to build a new cathedral Bishop Henry Brougham (David Niven) reaches out to  heaven to help and he asks for guidance.  He is sent a very damper, handsome angel Dudley (Carry Grant) whose mission is to guide folks spiritually to Henry’s work.  Dudley   works his angelic magic in ways such as renewing interest in an old church, he gets folks back in the boy’s choir.  He changes up the Christmas tree in the Bishop’s home.  Dudley even dictates to a type writer that magically types the sermon the Bishop delivers on Christmas eve thinking he, himself came up with this moving tale.  All done on the sly.  Making Dudley even more attractive.  As a matter of fact everyone in the house hold and surround neighbors all are charmed by Dudley, all but Henry.  He is not taken over by the out of this world angel.

But when Dudley spends time cheering up Julia, there is an unexpected development: Dudley finds himself strongly attracted to her. Henry becomes jealous and anxious  feeling something is not right.  Henry begins to want his unwelcome guest to move on.  Discovering Dudley’s true identity he shares his knowledge with the Professor Wutheridge, who urges Henry to stand up and fight for the woman he loves.

Dudley begins to hint around he just might want to stay, but Julia, sends him away,  telling Dudley it is time for him to move on. I was very moved in the scene when Dudley confesses to the bishop he is actually an angel that has become envious of Henry’s life and being  a mortal. Angels don’t become jealous of mortals so Henry’s life must be more than Henry realizes. Still obsessed, Henry wants to know why his cathedral planes were never fulfilled.  Dudley reminds the bishop he prayed for guidance, not a building.  Which (in my opinion) was more important than the building.

Mission complete and Dudley being assured Julia loves her husband, Dudley takes his leave.  The film ends with Dudley listening the magically typed sermon being delivered from the street in front of the church.  A slow wistful smile gracing his handsome face.  satisfied his work is done.

This movie is a must see for the holidays.  It is a must see if you think you’re losing your faith and mostly it’s a must see for the soul.  Don’t take my word for it, see it today. And don’t forget to listen to that little voice.  Dudley is giving you some really good advice.

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