Spy (2015) – reviewed by George

This spy spoof is loosely patterned after the James Bond films; it has an opening theme that will remind you of Bond (but without undressed models), and it has an opening sequence with Jude Law as the Bond character and Melissa McCarthy as his handler/advisor back at headquarters. She has access to his body-cams and to CCTV and security cameras both outside and inside the building he is infiltrating. It doesn’t take the audience long to realize that Melissa is the better spy.
After the mission there is a celebration at HQ, and here and later we meet the rest of the team: Allison Janney as the boss, Jason Statham as the unintelligent rough-houser spy who bulls his way through his missions with a knack for ruining them, and even pushes his way into the missions of others and threatens those missions as well, and Miranda Hart of BBC and PBS fame as Melissa’s best friend in the agency. The movie also features Bobby Canavale, Rose Byrne, and Morena Baccarin as spies good or bad.
Because of some events which you won’t hear about here (no Spoiler Alert needed), Melissa goes into the field with Miranda as her handler, and here the film becomes full-fledged comedy. I hadn’t done more than smile through the first sequences, and the first LOL moment for me was 27 minutes in, but from then on director Paul Feig delivers a very funny movie.
And watch for Aldo, played by Peter Serafinowicz, who is too good not to get a shout-out.

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