Censor Blocking on TV~Really? By Anita

Folks, what is the point?  I just have to step up on my soap box over this foolish attempt at keeping TV shows clean. First off, if anyone out there has seen Love & Hip Hop, any of the Housewife shows, a soap opera, The Girls Next Door – the list goes on and on,  you have been exposed to some of the worst moral examples of TV there is going.  You have seen more skin, love triangles, and freaks then one would think possible in the general public.  All these  lame attempts at shielding us from the depraved, ugly nudity, or bad body types is a waste of time.  We’ve seen it, done it or have already posted it on U`Tube.  I am always amazed how big a woman will go with a breast implant.   How proud she is to show it off.  I’ve seen skin stretched so tight that the sheer glow of it puts spot lights to shame.  All this fuss and muss to have them reexamined  later on a new plastic surgery show.  As predicted here come the  fuzzed up pixels shadowing her  breast. The very same breast she was showing off last season while she was on a show like The Girls Next Door .  Does this make any sense?  No.

As for bleeping out ‘bad language’ again what’s the point?  I was having lunch in a local pizza eatery recently when a group of high school seniors bounced in.  Want to talk about embarrassing language.  Wow.  And you are worried what the guest on Jerry Springer are saying.  Really?

Murray keeps us up to date who’s the daddy.  Steve Wilkos let’s us know who is molesting children and who  does not tell the truth.  Judge Judy makes sure we understand the law.  Naked and Afraid helps to keep us in the loop people are ugly when they are naked and afraid.  Thank goodness for the pixels I would be mortified to discover a naked body on my TV not engaged in sex or plastic surgery.

Just do us a favor, TV Moral Police. Stop bleeping and pixel blocking.  The target audience you were trying to keep innocent isn’t watching your show anyway.  They are streaming porn online.

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One Response to Censor Blocking on TV~Really? By Anita

  1. cobblerjon says:

    Hooray for you! I laughed out loud at your final comment!. Love Ya!

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