Dumb Caption # 31 – Make Room for Daddy, Season 6, Episode 4 – “The Dinah Shore Show” (1957)

If your TV market is anything like mine, you now have available several channels that show nothing but old, sometimes very old, TV episodes, usually strip-style, Monday through Friday at the same time. I like Danny Thomas and I love Dinah Shore, so was happy not to miss this episode. The plot? Well, Danny’s daughter’s school needs a girl singer for a dance, and Danny asks Dinah, who graciously accepts.
Now the caption….
Dinah sings “I’ll Never Say Never Again” (“Cause here I am in love again, Head over heels in love again with you.), with the usual two notes per syllable in certain places, like this phrase at the very end:

“…in love again, with the say-ame swee-eet you.”
And the caption? “with the same as stupid you.”

OMG, it’s a classic!

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