Sound of Music Sing-Along Reviewed by Anita

This film is one of the best musicals on-screen. It has been a family favorite in my family ever  since I can remember.   I still recall songs from this movie from my child hood.  We as kids  would   sing them on road trips. My sisters and I would dress up in old drapes or discarded fabric and sing the songs when we acted out the movie in our play acting.  This is just a beautiful, bold film.  Classic in every sense of the word.  Its charm never fails to hit each heart string each time I watch it.  A true seasonal delight.

With that being said, no wonder I was excited to take part in the TV Sing A-Long.  If you haven’t you should.  I must confess I was shocked to find out they changed the words.  No way would my childhood memory fault me on a film I know inside out.  Except it did.  Maria, the Captain, and even the nuns sang them wrong.  As I said it just couldn’t be me.  Could it? Has this ever happen to you?  You are singing along, “words they have sung for a thousand years” to discover they are NOT the words you have been singing? Out loud…

Folks this was a barrel of laughs.  As I said this is a beautiful film.  The story, the sets, the acting and the music.  As a sing a long it becomes game night.  Please give this version of this wonderful movie a try. Karaoke Old School style.  Watch it from a new perspective and Sing A Long.

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