Star Wars The Force Awakens Reviewed by Anita: ***

I have to be honest.  The best part of this movie was my Dollar Store Light Saber.   It is blue.

I don’t want to go into a great amount of detail about the film.  It is over done for months now.  The media have made sure we are in the know about Star Wars.  I had it marked in my personal planner for months!  With stickers highlighting the date!  I was excited about this ‘event’.  I even managed to avoid trailers and such wanting to be pure of mind and thought when I went to see it.   We all know who wrote it, starred in it and therefore who should be blamed for it.  I don’t see a reason to go into that  detail here, yet.  Just in case you still want to see it. 3D in my opinion is the only way to go with this Star Wars.  Made it a lot more fun, even if the movie, story, and acting are all lacking.  Kicking ass in space just is the best thing ever.  Even from your theater seat.  No matter what movie it’s in. Star Wars is worth seeing in 3D.  Zooming around in the fighter jets trying to destroy the Death Star was exciting.  Real tummy feeling exciting.

I give it three stars for a lot of attempted effort.  The film  feels like a set up for the next installment of apologies since coming out with Star Wars 1,2 and 3.  They just seem to keep going down hill.  Better technology is not always going to keep the Force with you.  For this generation of  Star Wars it is obvious this film is a re-boot of the very first Star Wars.  Can I say that?  ‘Very first Star Wars’ I get so confused.  And I’m a FAN.  O.K. enough Bah Hum Bug.  I did have a good time at the showing.  One can find a bad movie better than a good movie in the right frame of mind.  I say see it if you don’t mind this latest version a bit daunting.

May the Force Be With You…

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