Dumb Caption # 32 – Having Wonderful Crime (1945)

I’m thinking this may need a bit of background. Hedda Hopper was a former character actress who knew a lot of people in Hollywood. So as her career slowed she took up the cudgel of gossip columnist and gave the already-there-and-refusing-to-move-over Louella Parsons a real run for her money. Hedda was also famous for wearing outrageously designed and outrageously large hats, mostly with big flowers.

Now then: Pat O’Brien, as lawyer Michael J. Malone, mistakenly puts on Movel the Magician’s straw hat instead of his own. When he tips it to a lady, a flower pot with a large bloom pops out of the lid.
Man nearby: “Very funny. How often do you have to water your head?”
Pat replies: “That isn’t mine. I’m breaking it in for Hedda Hopper.”
Caption: “I’m breaking it in for Hilda Harper.”

And: Lenore Aubert as Gilda Mayfair says, “We’ve been working together in Movel’s act.”
Caption: “We’ve been working together, and Movel and Zach.”

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