Commentary – Spoilers from the TV!

Last Friday on “Undateable Live!”, which is normally one of my favorite comedies, Chris D’Elia announced loudly a major spoiler from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. The audience groaned and laughed, so I think, overall, they already knew, but I didn’t. Then minutes later he revealed the identity of the murderer on a TV show. I don’t follow the TV show, but still found that upsetting. As for the Star Wars spoiler, I was really fried.
Fortunately, as I have pointed out before, I am one of only 10 or 12 viewers of “Undateable Live!” in the USA. They may have another dozen or so viewers in Canada; I don’t know. So I guess not much harm was done. If this happens again I will let you know – yes, I will continue to watch, but I suggest that if you are not already one of the 10 or 12, just skip it.

Update: I just opened a great Comment from Don Jang, who informs me that the TV detective show D’Elia “spoiled” by naming the killer, was a documentary! Don said that it’s like calling it a spoiler if someone told you that at the end of “Titanic” the boat sinks.

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2 Responses to Commentary – Spoilers from the TV!

  1. The TV show that Chris spoiled is a documentary, that’s like someone saying the ship sank is a spoiler for “titanic”

    • cobblerjon says:

      Dear Don, Thanks for the headsup; I LOLed when I read it. I had no idea, being completely ignorant of the show he was talking about; I still don’t know the title. Now that I get it, it is pretty funny (which was the audience’s reaction).

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