TV Quotes # 47 – The Graham Norton Show – 1-8-16 UK, 2-29-16 US

The guests were Ralph Fiennes, Tracy Ullman, and James Nesbitt.

Graham: And it’s a Very Happy New Year for you, James Nesbitt. Because you were on the Honours List.
James: I was, yes.
Graham: You are.
James: I am, yes.
Graham: You’ve not been struck off or anything; you still are; you’re still on  it.
James: Let’s see how this show goes.
Graham: What did you get? What did you get?
James: I got an O.B.E.
Graham: Very good. Yes. Yeah. (audience applauds) Cheers to that! (Graham and guests toast James, James talks of reactions to the honour from family and friends).
Graham: Do you know who you’re getting yet?  (as a presenter of the Honour)
James: Oh, no. You get different people, do you?
Graham: Well, there’s a whole family of them.
James: Oh… right. (laughter)
Graham: There is, isn’t there? There’s loads of them.
James: I wasn’t aware of that.
Graham: They’re like a pack of cards.

Ralph was talking about his many appearances on stage in the West End, including his present one and….
Tracy Ullman: I’ve been in panto. Bet you’ve not done bloody panto.
James: Not yet. Matter of time. (laughter)
Tracy: Thirty years ago I was Dick Whittington in Newcastle. Now that’s theatre for ya! I got a bit chubby cause I got a bit depressed up there, and I was eating at this tearoom a lot – Carrick’s. And I had to go on, and I had got a bit chubby in my stockings, you know, as Dick Whittington. I go, “Hello, children. Are you going to be my friends?” And I remember a little kid went,”No! F*** off, Jumbo!”

Graham: Ralph, you haven’t given up film, because your new movie is “A Bigger Splash”. When is that?
Ralph: 12 February.
Graham: And it’s a fantastic cast. You can see there. (shows photo, names actors). It’s kind of a love quadrangle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you play a part like this before.. You’re kind of wild in this.
Ralph: I’m a wild and crazy guy.
Graham: You really are. (to Tracy and James) He is. So the idea is that people who kind of share a romantic history are all thrown together on a Greek island.
Ralph: It’s an Italian island called Pantelleria.
Graham: (to camera) An Italian island, not a Greek island.
Ralph: (perfectly serious) Pantelleria. It’s an island between Sicily and Tunisia.
Graham: Okay. (slyly to camera) Near Greece. (wild laughter)

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