I’m Back!

Hello my friends and readers and George. I’m sorry for being incog-Anita but I’ve had issues with converting to Windows 10. Also I don’t have internet at home so it’s been challenging. But folks I’m BACK and ready to go.

I want to shout out a BIG TEXAS THANK YOU to George who has faithfully been keeping us up on movies, TV and the industry as a whole. These couple of months have been extra work on him and he deserves a big hug. And a cold beer!

With that being said I’d like to share with you a few observations today with more to come.

Reality TV is a mess. I’m still addicted to Housewives and wondering what the heck is going on with New Jersey. Outlander is back on Starz so you can catch up this week. Sunday is the new season. Vikings is really going in all directions. Ragnar is NUTS. Be sure to give that a looking. I like the Game of Thrones feel it has. I’m sticking to it, the names are almost impossible. I hate I am Cati. I think E needs to reconsider their programing. I have been revisiting shows like Magnum PI, or In the Heat of the NIght. Wow, has political correctness changed TV as a whole. OH I also like the People’s Couch. Yes, it a show of people watching TV shows, making comments and we watch it. Very surreal if you think about it. Wicked Tuna is fun fishing show. I hate Pinwheel and have become very good at guessing the weight and length of blue fin tuna. Lastly Naked and Afraid I’m obsessed with. Especially the uncensored. I KNOW what are they censoring?

Movie pick coming up: I’m looking forward to Jungle Book, and the new take on Snow White. Look for those reviews.

Thanks again for staying with Bickering Critics. I’ve missed ya. More later šŸ™‚

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One Response to I’m Back!

  1. nita166 says:

    Hi Folks!
    Wanted to stop off here and update ya on a few of the shows I listed. Starting with Vikings. I’m liking it. Lots of characters to keep up with now. They are also developing in directions I don’t think I really saw coming. More adult level intrigue. Meaning you have to think about what’s up rather than a raging loud battle every 10 minutes between three episode used to build up for the next battle. I get tired of that. I’m afraid they are going to cut us off again before we really see characters settled in. Meaning I’m thinking another too short season for a show that is complicated to begin with. Rest assured I’m there every Thursday night.

    As far as Outlander goes I’m on the fence. I mean I was really into when it first came out. However this season I’m not so sure. Claire is bugging me. Jamie is too when you think about it. I still feel the details (set, location, clothing) are all great just something about the story line that is not jiving with me. I recently learned this is a book (I know get with the times!) I’m thinking I need to check into that. I like the book over the movie in most cases. I’m thinking this might be one of them. Changing history is an ambitious project even Dr. Who does not mess with so a Clansman and his woman from the future have some big shoes to fill. What the hell? I’ll go along.

    Sadly I do have to admit I have been spending a great deal of time with the Housewives reality shows. I’m ashamed I know so much about different regions of our country based on who is bitcher to who. I met a father of one of the wives from Orange County Housewives. When I asked him if it was him he begrudgingly admitted to it. He is not proud of his daughter’s claim to fame and I do believe it shadowed his opinion of me as well. Can’t win them all.

    What have you been watching too much of? Let’s us know šŸ™‚

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