Meet Me in St. Louis-reply to George by Anita *****

George!  Thank you for this review.  I agree with you on so many accounts.  I fell in love with this musical when I was 10.  It is a must see movie with me and my sisters. We watch it together on the phone.   I also agree it is lumped into a Christmas film but it really is a family film.  Very charming.  Clever in how the songs, dancing and daily life just seem to be normal.  I love Tootsie!

One of my go-to scenes is when Ester and Rose are sitting at the piano singing the theme song.  The angels looking down upon the two of them.  Mirror images of youth and happiness.  The Christmas ball costumes are bright-colored jewels.  Rose and Ester look so graceful as if they float.  I do tear up every time Ester’s grandfather waltzes her around the tree for her to come out with John.  Now that’s romance!  It was this movie that inspired me to take a trolley ride and you bet I sing that song  too. My favorite dresses are the white ones at the end as they are all going to the World’s fair.

This is an enchanting film made in a time when it was hard to feel happy.  I hope everybody takes time to visit this very special time in history through Meet Me in St. Louis.

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