Mom’s Night Out Reviewed by Anita **

Cheap looking and sexist Mom’s Night Out (2014) just might make you want to stay in.  Directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin this faith-based comedy is bland and exaggerates how incompetent men are when it comes to taking care of their own children.  It is predictable, and has its standard ending.  To be honest it does have some really funny scenes just not enough to hold the whole film together.

General story is three girlfriends are in desperate need of a girls night out.  They are all over worked, underappreciated, and in a general funk.  As they gear up for a full night of adult conversation, grown-up food on real plates and dress up their husbands go into a melt-down.  From mixed up dinner reservations, mistaken identity, classic car chases, emergency room, stolen car,  and finding a lost child the whole evening is riddled with chaos and inches along with personal growth experience.

Sara Drew (Allyson), Patricia Heaton (Sondra) and Andrea Logan White (Izzy) are sort of flat as a team.  Sondra (in my opinion) is really the funniest of the group but Patricia brings years of comedic experience to this standard run of the mill movie.  FYI the car chase is classic funny, I did laugh out loud throughout that scene.  If you miss it don’t worry.  In the event you decide to give it a watch don’t be disappointed.  I warned you.

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