Yours Mine and Ours Reviewed by Anita: ****

Yours Mine and Ours  is a wonderful movie of a real family living the real life dramas that today’s reality TV claims to portray.  Directed by Melville Shavelson this 1968 film is a story based on the life of Frank and Helen Beardsley.  Shavelson’s version stars Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda as the Beardsley’s.  If your only real experience with Lucille Ball is I Love Lucy you are in for a real treat seeing Ms. Ball play Helen the mother and leader of this motley crew. Her natural comic personality shines in the character of Helen.  A truly caring mother putting her children (and her new step children) first.   Fonda plays a Cost Guard Admiral with a  stoic presence and  no-nonsense style.  He might appear at first glance unapproachable however as father and Admiral of the family he is the most enchanting dad a girl could ask for.    The story is what it is to truly blend two large families together.  Both widowed, one brings 10 children to the marriage and the other 8. Blending this family of 18 children under the same roof in harmony was no Brady Bunch picnic.

Amidst the chaos of daily life these children bond and by end of the film they are a real family.  Many endearing scenes bring out loud laughter and a heart-felt tear.  You can count on huge laughs as you identify with the Beardsley’s journey of learning how to be a family.  Hey, do you know where you would hang 18 Christmas stocking?  Trust me it takes some planning.   Today’s mixed families have as many combinations as stained glass has colors.  Making Yours Mine and Ours a docudrama from the past about the future.  Clean cut, classic example of 1968 living,  you really need to add this to your viewing library.



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