Reflections on Mothers in TV & Film by Anita

May 8th is Mother’s Day, with that in mind I was reflecting on notable mothers in both pictures and TV. There have been some real wild ones.  Who is your favorite? Mrs. Beardsley (Lucille Ball) from Yours Mine and Ours? Kind and going with the flow.  You might lean toward the more structured June Cleaver.  Leave it to Beaver showed us the ideal mother in Mrs. Cleaver.  I, myself, liked the free-spirited Samantha from Bewitched. Elizabeth Montgomery was not only beautiful but also charming.  Who wouldn’t want a witch for a mom?  Sally from Practical Magic is another witchy mom who is adventurous and we loved her wacky aunts.

You might prefer a darker shade of mother.  Norman Bates got the raw end of the deal.  He went  Psycho.  Another control freak for a mother would be Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest.  After I saw that movie I got rid of all my wire hangers.   Woo hooo! Got some pretty evil mom’s too.  How about the ancient mother-leader from Queen of the Damned? Akasha (Aaliya) she waged war on all of her children for the spoiled Lestat. Talk about picking favorites. Morticia (Addams Family 1964-1966) was dark but not hateful.  Her French was flawless.  We all know step-mothers by tradition are evil.  Poor Cinderella and her counter part Snow White.  These girls just couldn’t get a break.

How about mothers from another sort?  Mowgli the man cub raised by the loving Raksha, mate to the leader of the wolf pack is a great example (Jungle Book).  She put all prejudice aside to care for the defenceless baby lost in the Indian jungle.  Kala is another mother who raised a human.  Her gentle ways kept Tarzan alive in the wilds of Africa.  She taught him all he needed to know to be an ape.  Moms are so awesome they don’t even have to be your species to love you.

We could go on and on with so many great mothers and wonderful actress who brought them to life.  There are as many styles of mothering as there are colors on the planet.  Probably the best mother is yours.  I know mine is.  This Mother’s Day take mom to the movies.  Hug her, and remind her you are glad she is yours.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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