Jungle Book 2016 Reviewed by Anita ***.5

Get out and see Jungle Book.  This new live action version is a real visual treat.  The animals are amazing, life-like yet not.  The cast is superb.  Bill Murray is a natural as Baloo.  I love how HE sang Bear Necessities  off-key and all.  Murray and Sethi (Mowgli) were a great duet.  Christopher Walken is truly scary as King Louie.  Walken did a great job with his duet between him and Mowgli  I Wanna Be Like You-who-who.  Great set of pipes, guys!  As for the villain Shere Kan voiced by Idris Elba made me sit up and pay attention.  He was so deliciously cruel.  Shere Kan was the best bad guy ever!  Mowgli played by the very talented Neel Sethi is charming.  I really like this kid.  Brave, grown-up, but a lost child all the same.

The film’s message is loud and clear in this version.  It beautifully illustrates how there are so many different people in the world who, when working together, can do amazing things.  Honestly it seems animals have always been more clear on that point than us Homo sapiens.

Action packed from the beginning to the end.  You are submerged in the jungle.  I was on the edge of my seat during the big chase scenes.  There are so many great action sections it is hard to put one above the other.  Jungle Book has a great pace to it.   Not too long nor too short. However it is not for ALL age groups.  It is a great movie for 7 and up.  Leave the toddlers at home.  They don’t get it and are a pain in the a&% while others are studying the story.

Fun early summer movie.  Go see Jungle Book.  It is worth it on the big screen.

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