TV Quote # 51 – The Graham Norton Show, Season 19, Episode 7

Graham to Tom Hiddleston: “Tom Hiddleston, have you had any bad reviews? No.”

Tom Hiddleston: “Way to make a man feel good, Graham. No, I was in a play. I had never, ever been professionally reviewed. And in the paper the next day was a British theatre critic who said I was completely out of place, too young, too RADA, and projecting about as much masculinity (pauses, swallows) as Graham Norton.”

Graham: “Wow! I’ve been dragged into your bad review! No, no, no, don’t apologize! I’ve been dragged into your bad review – I wasn’t even there!”

Tom: “Like it’s your fault! And as I sit across from you now, I think how butch, how terrifically butch you are.”

Graham: “I know! I’ve really made an effort tonight!”


Graham then starts talking to Tom about his new film “I Saw the Light”, a biography of Hank Williams.

Graham: “Hank Williams.. It’s a name that I think, particularly British people, we know the name, but we’re not quite sure of where he is in the country-western pantheon, what his songs are, why his life is interesting.”

Tom embarks on a short history lesson, ending with, “and he wrote some of the most recognizable songs in the American songbook.”

Graham: “To help people, just name some of the hits.”

Tom: “Hey, Good Looking”, “Move It on Over”, “Lovesick Blues”, “Why Don’t You Love Me?”, “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry”, “Cold, Cold Heart”…

Sara Pascoe, also guesting that night: “Are you still naming songs?”

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