The Out of Towners (1970) Reviewed by Anita: **.5

As we gear up for the big summer vacation time I suggest you take a minute and watch Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis in The Out of Towners.  Directed by Arthur Hiller, this film is about the most awful 24 hrs of travel a couple could ever (and I do mean EVER) experience.

Lemmon plays an Ohio business man, flying with his wife (Gwen played by Sandy Dennis) to New York for an interview/mini vacation.  George (Lemmon’s character) is hung up on schedules and everything being on time.  So, that does not happen.  His poor wife is a calm in the storm for her fried husband.  One gets the feeling  he has never had a real moment he was in control his whole life.  From the plane not being able to land to losing their hotel reservation there is just no end to it.  The comedic timing is wonderful.  The ghastly situations are over the top but fun.  The pace is exhausting as we the audience try to keep up with this hapless couple from the Mid-West.

Sadly that is when things sort of fall apart for me as a viewer.  This is a really cute film but it is too much by the end.  I love the setting being the 1970’s and visiting how folks dressed for travel.  On the airplane passengers were brought a meal on real dishes.  Those were the days to travel.  I loved the customer service as each agency, or accommodation falls apart on him, but it reached a point of STOP.

If you run across this flick watch it and you will giggle, I promise.  You will be ready for it to end.  And for heaven’s sake double-check your travel plans as you try to be an out of Towner.

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