Hey! What are you watching? :-) ‘invitation from Bickering Critics

In getting ready for summer I like to check in and see what everybody is going to watch.   There is so much.  Returning shows I forgot where I left off.  New ones that will only run a few weeks that I will make me choose between shows.  New big movies coming out weekly at the theater. It’s crazy.  What is going to make you crazy?

As you know I’m a follower of most Houewife reality show any city.  Right now I’m watching Dallas and some of New York.  I have to tell you those New York ladies are nasty.  I am also enjoying Below Deck Mediterranean. Different crew only Ben is back.  Lots of drama.  I also get a kick out of Marriage Boot camp.  Talk about airing dirty laundry.  YUCK.  As you know George is a movie critic craftsmen.  His reviews are as varied as they are wonderful.  No telling what we will see from George in the next coming weeks.

Did anybody catch Roots?  The remake was supposed to be great.  I intend to try to catch that on an encore showing.  Of course I will be PBS and Masterpiece Theater anything.  As you know I’m a BBC and PBS junkie.

The intended list could go on and on.  Outlander, Bold and Beautiful, Cops.  We want to know what’s on your mind?  Your viewing plans? Movies? TV? internet movies only?  Share your ideas. We are looking forward to hearing from you.   🙂



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