Wind Chill (2007) Reviewed by Anita: ***

This mystery/horror film is a good way to creep yourself out.  Emily Blunt plays a college gal using a “Ride Share” program the students have organized. Ashton Holmes is ready and willing to take Blunt home for Christmas.

Wind Chill hits all the markers a good mystery/horror should have.  The mis-matched couple stuck together.   Blunts character is antisocial, selfish, and unpleasant. Holmes is the prefect, awkward Catholic boy in love.  They find themselves stranded on a winter Pennsylvania highway, having lost a game of chicken with an on coming car. They soon realize this is no ordinary forest on a lonely short-cut. The night progresses into frightening encounters with dead priests, an evil cop from hell, wondering victims all in this snowy lonely woods.  This is creepy stuff.

As formula for any horror film only one of our heroes survives.  The mystery is solved.  The night breaking into promising day.  However the twist at the end is a nice way to keep you jumping.  Not a big block buster but for sure this film holds its weight in the arena of needing an extra blanket to protect you while you’re watching it.  There is a certain amount of gore, as all movies of this genre have, but this is more of a psychological adventure.  I prefer that kind of terror.  That kind stays with me long after the movie.

Get your holy water, cross, and see if you can sleep with mom then watch Wind Chill. 


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