Hey, y’all! Here’s What I Think I’ll Be Watching This Summer on TV – George

Well, Summer is a time of change: the winter shows have a finale, either Season or Series, and shows with fewer episodes per season take over TV (although some shows will return with the second half of their latest season). And some shows we finally give up on.
A couple of weeks ago I gave up on “Fear the Walking Dead”. Not enough zombies. And I didn’t want to stick around for the medium-sized reveal: What IS in Baja? I figure that will be the season cliffhanger, and I don’t care. I stopped watching “Wayward Pines” after one episode, and then I threw in the towel after years of watching “Orphan Black” – this season is just the same-o, same-o. Okay, the Original got killed: I don’t care. Maybe I just need to get outside more, but that’s the way I feel.
Now let’s celebrate some returning shows. I am eagerly awaiting “Rizzoli and Isles”, and sad to learn that completing Season Seven completes the show. That S-6 cliffhanger was almost too much to bear. TNT’s companion show is also super: “Major Crimes”. And it isn’t going off, thank goodness. “Zoo” will be back – can’t wait. And the same goes for “The Strain” and “Tyrant”. Also “Archer”, “Young and Hungry”, “Baby Daddy”, “Angie Tribeca”, “Good Witch”, “Motive” (off ABC and on USA), “Person of Interest” (sad to say – spinning down to a series finale), “The Americans”, “Devious Maids”, “Royal Pains” (we’ll see their 100th episode and then later the series finale), “The Last Ship”, and on pay cable “Penny Dreadful” and “Game of Thrones”. And I’ve never watched “Top Gear”, but am into it now that Matt LeBlanc is the host.
I guess you can tell that my tastes are pretty eclectic, from dense horror to action to shows normally thought of as drawing women only (obviously they’re wrong – I can’t be the only man in America who laughs at Devious Maids and gets a romantic twinge watching Cassie Nightingale).
Now for new summertime shows: I’m really loving “Houdini and Doyle”. It has a great cast and a great premise well-executed. “Cleverman” has only been on once, but I like it and will be back next week. It sounds sort of insane, but I’m going to watch “Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures” on Disney XD. It’s set in the Star Wars universe between movies 5 and 6 (and is acted by Legos). “BrainDead” is worth a try; it’s comic sci-fi with Tony Shaloub. I doubt that I’ll even try “Ride” or “The Tunnel”. “Ride” is about a British equestrian boarding school and “The Tunnel” is a complete rip-off of “The Bridge” of a couple years ago: in Tunnel a body is found in the Chunnel and England and France fight over jurisdiction: in Bridge a body was found on the bridge connecting Juarez and El Paso and the two Police Departments fought over jurisdiction, with national officials from both countries also weighing in. And I won’t watch “Queen of the South”. There’s only so much room on my TIVO.
I won’t watch so-called “reality” shows (sorry, Anita, I know you love ’em), but I really like variety and talk shows, so must give a shoutout to “Maya and Marty”, only one episode broadcast so far and not as funny as I hoped, but definitely funny enough for me to watch again. And “The Graham Norton Show” remains the funniest, most enjoyable talk show ever in the world!
AND… to further taunt my eyeballs Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel will be premiering a new mystery every Sunday in June. And incidentally: that happy face up there was typed in as XD: that is, Disney XD. So why does it come out a happy face with the word Disney, but not when it stands alone as just XD? Ah, the mysteries of the digital world!

To clarify: my very favorite type of show is a cop or detective show with a complete story every week: find a mystery, solve a mystery. Continuing threads that deal with family or something are allowed, but I very much prefer shows that allow you to occasionally miss an episode without having to pay to catch up.

Okay, now you know what both Anita and I think about Summer TV 2016. Now, it’s your turn. If you want to tell the world what your summertime viewing is going to consist of, click on Leave a Comment at the bottom of this Commentary (or Anita’s Commentary). We’ll read it and post it. We personally have no language problems, but this is a family site, so if you get colorful expect to see substitionary cursing provided without any cost to you. Thanks!

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