The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Reviewed by Anita: **

The Last Witch Hunter is a modern-day witch hunt dating back from Middle Ages.  Vin Diesel (Kaulder) plays a cursed warrior who is has wondered the world for the last 800 years hunting down the evil witches of yesterday.  He was cursed and must live in a half-life of fitting in today and missing his family from the dark times in history.  His side kicks played by Rose Leslie, and Elijah Wood have  been much better in other films.  Even Michael Caine is flat.

The movie is confusing.  Vin Diesel is awkward in his role as a heart-broken Middle Ages warrior.  If you are an action junkie then you won’t be as disappointed with the movie as those of us that want some substance in a film are.  It moves along disjointed.  You would expect that in this type of story line (ie. Ostrander on Starz).  However the viewer should be able to keep the thread of the story as timing is changing.  Not really the case in this movie.  I guess it is so hard to keep track because it is so boring.  Characters moving between past and present remind me of a Viking episode  The Last Witch Hunter does not make the smooth transition between times and memories.  Even the witch’s  hang out is almost a rip off of the Vampire Lounge from Queen of the Damed .

No funny one liners.  No big budding romance.  And personally I was embarrassed for Diesel, and Leslie at the end of the film.  The closing is forced and out-of-place.  If you think this is all there is to watch hunt again.

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