The Warriors (1979) Reviewed by Anita: ***

“Warriors come out and play” is the famous call sang out into the night as  the street gang Warriors must battle across New York City to get to their home turf.  Directed by Walter Hill this iconic film from the 70’s is the original version of Purge.  As we the viewer travel across this vast city we feel as helpless and alone as our hero street gang is.

Fingered for killing a gang leader every gang turns out to hunt them down and kill them.  There are 21 different gangs represented in the film.  Each is diversified as the landscape of New York population is.  The film is based on a novel by Sol Yuricks and received a negative reception when it was first released. Critics of the day hated it.  The film was for the time extreme, weird and very violent. Despite all that  it has become a cult classic, spawning multiple spin offs, video games and comic books.

The Warriors even by today’s standards (in my opinion) is very violent.  As I said it is a orginal Purge and that is one violent film.  This is not a family film, however it is a wonderful reflection of how we were as a society politically as well as socially.  Not to mention it is just BAD ASS.  In the mood for a cult classic watch The Warriors.  


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