The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 1963-Reviewed by Anita ***

This is a great Father’s Day film.  Eddie (Ron Howard) plays matchmaker to his father Tom (Glenn Ford).   Tom is awkward at being single so dating is challenging on its own without adding Eddie’s opinion in to the game.  There are several bumps along the way as  he attempts to balance dating with a very particular son.   Eddie takes  a keen interest in his father’s choices and manipulates his own pick into the mix.  With the support of their ever faithful house keeper played by Roberta Sherwood Eddie holds fast against the sexy Dollye (Stella Stevens).   She ends up finding love in the arms of Tom’s friend.  Eddie is  against  runner-up romance number 2  the sophisticated socialite Rita (Dian Merrill).  Ending that in romance on terms designed by a child–Pick one. This put Tom in the forced position to choose between the two.  Eddie wins out.  Finally the lovely and practical neighbor Elizabeth (Shirley Jones)  is noticed by Tom.  Elizabeth has been becoming a friend to Eddie and is easy-going for the motherless child.  Tom and Elizabeth  find love through crisis.  The best kind of romance.

I think this is a great Father’s Day film.   We forget how hard it can be on the single father who is trying to be the ‘father of the year’ as well as  find a partner that will fit.  Also the film is a reminder sometimes the love of our life has been right in front of us all along.  Reminding us to look closer to the things we take for granted. The comedic side of the film is charming and relatable.  If you and dad are just kicking it around the TV look up The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.  

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