The Cowboys 1972-Reviewed by Anita ****

The Cowboys is a must see for any American Western fan.  Directed by Mark Rydell this film is a favorite of mine.  John Wayne stars as Will Andersen who is getting ready to make his annual 400 mile cattle drive.  Right in the middle of preparations for this drive his ranch hands take off and join in on the gold rush leaving Andersen with no one to work the drive with him.  Taking some advice from a friend Andersen goes looking for some hands at the school.  All he finds there is some young boys who (in his opinion) couldn’t make it across the street.  Time for the drive getting closer a gang of men led by a man called  Long Hair show up and pretty much threaten Andersen into hiring them.  Sadly they under-estimate Andersen who ends up hiring the group of boys.

Under his tutelage the boys become pretty good cow hands as well as do some growing up along the way.  Bonds begin to build along side respect for the doing a hard day’s work. As we know this drive is not going to end smoothly,  Long Hair and his gang show reeking havoc.  Ending in killing Andersen and stealing the heard.  This is the point boys become men.

Exciting as only a real good Western is The Cowboys is top notch.  Twists, turns and tears are all happening in this movie.  I never get tired of seeing this movie.  I hope you feel the same.

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